Thursday, 5 March 2015

Main components of an e cigarette

E cigarettes have numerous synonyms in the market. Some call them electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), personal vaporizer, or even vape mods. E-cig is operated by a battery and feels like traditional smoking. The distinct factor is that the vaporizer do not encompass tobacco though they contain nicotine inform of a solution. Again, vaporizers emit a vapor like aerosol rather than smoke.
Vaping has caught the attention of numerous person around the world due to the exclusive technology employed on the ENDS. Scientists have achieved a milestone in the smoking arena. The gadgets have various parts joined together to create a handy leisure or else helpful product with the smokers. Cease smoking and vape today. Below read the major parts of the devices.

Mouthpiece/ cartridge

The mouthpiece or cartridge is attached on the end of the vape mod. A tiny plastic container inside the cartridge clamps a spongy like fabric or wick soaked in nicotine liquid. Many cartridges are refillable, and are done away with when the vaper notices a burnt taste of the nicotine liquid. Burnt taste is due to drying of the coil or sediment deposits in the wick.
Cartridges may be used individually or together with a chamber to hold more nicotine liquid. When the chamber is incorporated, the mouthpiece is placed in tube made of metal, plastic, or even glass. The tube is perforated on the sides to let the e-liquid pass to the coil.

E cigarette battery

The battery is the major and most crucial segment of an e cigarette. Besides, it is the biggest part of an electronic cigarette. Batteries are for powering the atomizer. A battery entails a sensor that activates when vaping an automatic vaporizer or pressing in a manual vaporizer. A charge is the relayed to the atomizer fixed in a cartridge. You are advised to charge fully prior to using it for the first time to work perfectly.
Most vaporizers have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are estimated as the most effective kinds of vaporizer batteries. Lifespan of the battery depends on its usage frequency, size, model, and working surrounding. Detachable batteries are available at Grand Vapor Station. Check out the variety in store.

LED light

On one end, the battery is attached to the mouthpiece and LED light on the other end. The arrangement delivers a genuine, burning appearance when using the vape mod. When the vaper inhales, the LED light glows making it look just like a traditional cigarette. This signifies the e cigarette is just working perfectly. When the battery runs low, the light flashes to alert the user that recharging is needed as soon as possible.

Atomizer/ heating element

An e cigarette atomizer comprises of a tiny heating element, which vaporizes the e-liquid or e-juice when vaping. The component responds to a wave relayed by the battery. The constituent is assembled into the cartridges, and are one-use since they have a short life span. The atomizer plus battery is the principal constituent in vaporizers.
There is a tiny wire coiled round the wicks, which then touch both the negative and positive terminal of the contrivance. When you vape, the coil is heated and transforms the nicotine liquid to vapor.

Aluminum casing

Also known as aluminum shell, aluminum casing is the appealing outside of the e cigarette. Strong and long lasting, it is manufactured to be of light in weight and shielding the whole cigarette. Vapers fingers rest on the casing; hence, it is created in such a way it is secure to grip as well as to vape. Learn more about the components of personal vaporizers at


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