Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pros and cons of different types of e cigarettes

The e cigarette is a novel device in the world of technology. The major difference between an ordinary cigarette and a mechanical mod is that an e-cig does not emit that room-destroying stench. Next time you spot somebody vaping their vape mods in a non-smoking zone, well do not be in the rush to authorize them to put it out, there is a reason to check keenly the product first.
The obliviousness in the world might embarrass someone one day. Beware an electronic cigarette resembles a real cigarette. In the vast market one company cannot satisfy needs of the smokers, due to this, many brands and types have sprang up within a short time with different sizes and shapes of the electronic cigarettes. Below are some of the famous types one can probably find in many leading vape stores like Grand Vapor Station.

Rechargeable e cigarettes

This type of mechanical mod encompasses a rechargeable compartment, which is charged after the battery drains.
             There are varying options, and distinct designs to choose from
             They are products of high quality crafted to last
             They are of refined performance when compared to disposable electronic cigarettes
             One checks the vaporizer constantly before vaping
             The complex kinds can be very sophisticated

Disposable vape mods

With these types of e cigarettes, one cannot recharge the batteries once it drains. The only option is to dispose it.
             Disposable e-cigarettes are simple and easily accessible
             One does not need to fret about the hassle of refilling or charging
             The costs are low for random buyers. Cost vary from $6 to $10 per cigarette
             More expensive in the end if one buys frequently
             The mechanical mods have limited flavor, nicotine, and design selections
             The disposable have a low performance compared to the rechargeable types
             They are poor quality

Refillable mechanical mods

Refillables comprise of rechargeable cell segments and savors that one can change. The user purchases the nicotine e-liquid only when refilling. Besides, there is a variety of selections from the well-nigh appropriate pre-filled changeable cartridges and e-liquids. You can adjust the nicotine strengths. Again, there are of differing fashions. The set encompasses different vapors.

1.    Mini or the cig-a-like
These were the first e cigarettes to arise in the marketplace. They are of lightweight to offer vapers with a satisfied way to vape.
             There is the best way to get started
             They are perfect for occasional smokers
             They are light in weight and small taking the exact form of an ordinary cigarette
             They are a modest mode of smoking
             They acquire a very short battery life
             Heavy smokers are not fully sorted

2.    Mid-size electronic cigarettes
These are comparatively smaller though they entail enhanced battery lifespan and greater vapor production.
             They are approximately the size of an ordinary cigar
             They have an extended vapor and battery life
             Splendid performance when vaping
             Most are manually operated
             One cannot customize the cigs
             They are to some extent greater in length than the traditional cigarettes

Advanced e cigarettes

These types of e cigarettes are the modern types. Strength of the vape mods is adjustable thus regulating vapor emitted.
             Great performance approximately thrice that of a mini e-cig
             The battery life is extended
             The structure is stronger and constructed to last for longer
             The mechanical mods are customizable with advanced functionalities
             Heavy smokers are highly sorted with the advanced e-cigarettes
             They are very costly
             The gadgets are sophisticated
             Advanced e cigarettes require manual operation

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